Wednesday, July 25, 2007

ICSOC 2007

I will be attending the International Conference on Service-Oriented Computing (ICSOC 2007) in Vienna, Austria on the week of September 17th.

Not only is ICSOC a top notch academic conference (with ~20% acceptance rate) but the location is not too shabby either. Vienna a city with a rich culture, history, and far reaching political influences over the years. It is located in the middle of Europe and borders eight other European nations.

Some of my planned activities include:

  1. Tutorial entitled Web APIs and Services Mashups using Ruby and RoR. See also my tutorials page for slides and code samples. Though keep in mind that they will likely be updated for September

  2. Mashups'07 workshop. See also this blog entry

  3. Presentation and demo for paper entitled A Domain-Specific Language for Web APIs and Services Mashups

If you plan to be there then definitely drop me an email so we meet.

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Williwaw said...

Max. I am a co-founder of Trailfire - Our social discovery service is similar to the one you have on the IBM site. Although we have not yet added highlighting, we do enable our uses to place 'sticky notes' on web pages to link web pages together to form what we call 'trails' (think trail of crumbs).

I would like to talk to you about how we might work together. You can reach me at