Tuesday, October 30, 2007

First California earthquake experience

I just experienced (Tuesday October 30th) my first real earthquake since I have been living in California. I was seating at Starbucks in Sunnyvale and getting ready to head to the gym after a long day working remotely, the whole place starting moving back at forth at around 8:05PM PDT.

It appears that the quake's epicenter was in Alum Rock, CA (about 15 miles from San Jose) and the official time was 8:04PM PDT and the magnitude was 5.6.

The first tremor lasted about 4 to 6 seconds. Enough to get everyone out of their seats and realizing we were in the middle of a quake... Most people starting moving to the exit door. I stayed at my seat since I was not about to let go of my Mac :-)

Then it happened again and then again. Though the subsequent ones were shorter and shorter.

Not sure what damages, if any, this little one caused---cannot see anything from here, all seems well. Regardless, one things for sure, you come out of this feeling like you are floating and living in a surreal state (still feel it more than 5 minutes since). Not sure if this is scary or cool...


Jean Marc said...

had to go all the way to cali to experience your first quake did you? well 2 years ago i experience my first one...right here in Petion-ville Haiti.
how are you doing?
impressive home page

Michele said...

The fact that you can describe your experience calmly is cool! I would have ran out of that starbucks with all my might.