Sunday, March 2, 2008

Welcome to_the :max

I decided to rename the blog to_the :max.

This is a simple and more interesting name.

I'll admit that it could be read as being a bit pretentious at first, though maybe just a tad more than the previous name max's blog. Nonetheless, blogs are about opinions and I plan to be unapologetic here. The new name, I believe, reflects both my personality and my namesake.

I also added a list of blogs (on right, page down a bit) that I frequently read from various colleagues (some I know personally and some I do not) in the fields of my interest. It goes without saying that the majority are on tech or tech-related topics...

This is a list I have gathered and pruned over the past six months. If tech is of interest then I would recommend you to check them out. I'll keep the list up to date slowly as I add and/or remove links.

For the astute reader, you will recognize that to_the :max is valid Ruby syntax for a method call passing the symbol :max :-) This is inspired from Josh Susser's has_many :though blog.

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