Friday, February 20, 2009

WebGuild blog is flagged as malware!

The blog is an interesting Silicon Valley group and blog that holds no bar when it comes to latest news from valley tech companies that may not be flattering to them. The group organizes various conferences and seminars on hot tech topics such as Web 2.0, cloud computing, mashups, ad modern Web user interfaces.

For instance, they were one of the initial blogs to note that Google was quietly laying off 1000s of temp workers... The blog post had noticed discrepancies in Google's current 'workers figures' in their regular investor data. They noted IBM's also quiet resource actions apparent use of age for decisions, as well as Hewlett Packard recent decision to have pay cuts across the company.

A more pointing news item in the HP WebGuild post was noting that HP's CEO pay last year included about $79,814 of tax for food consumed! Working backward, this means about $243,000 in food expenditure. Wow, even as a non HP-investor, I find this news appalling.

So I am a bit surprised that yesterday's email summary of blog entries links all were being flagged as malware.

What's causing this, is WebGuild's opinion and analysis so uncomfortable to companies that they are now being targetted? I don't know and would hate to spread rumors, however, part of what makes democracies work is check-and-balances. WebGuild is part of that balance in the Tech industry, agree or not with their tactics and news reporting, their voice should not be shutdown nor silenced nor controlled.