Friday, October 16, 2009

OOPSLA 2009 - Videocast 4 - Microsoft Technology update with Dr. Erik Meijer of Microsoft

Dr. Erik Meijer is well know in language communities (and language lawyer circles) to have help create C# and LINQ (Language Integrated Query). He’s a frequent presenter at OOPSLA on these technologies as well as one of the early voices encouraging the merging of functional and object-oriented technologies and techniques.

In a brief telephone interview, Erik gives us a thorough update on what is new with C# and visual basic, the .NET platform, LINQ, and other up coming technologies at Microsoft (e.g., Project M and Azure).

Interestingly he mentions how some of of his early efforts on combining functional and object-oriented programming are surfacing to address multicore issues as well as how LINQ is finding various applications to solve parallel programming data issues and how LINQp and reactive LINQ are being used by Microsoft in their cloud platform environments: Azure and SQL Azure.

Finally, Erik finishes this video-podcast discussing what OOPSLA means to him, some of his colleagues at Microsoft, and also gives us a flavor of the strong presence of Microsoft technologies and presenters at OOPSLA this year.

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